About Adventures In T-Shirts

What's it all about?

Ianandcaroline A few years ago Caroline rediscovered her passion for arts and crafts and especially sewing. She started making gifts for friends an family and and clothes for herself and the her family.
She also started playing around with some of the design ideas she's been thinking about for a while and inspired by the crafting community started to design pins and badges.
She created 'Adventures in T-Shirts' as an umbrella concept to document these designs and makes.
Around the same time her partner Ian started to get back into woodworking, initially as a slow paced pass time to combat the stress of work.

Eventually they had the idea to turn their crafting pursuits in a small business and the result is 'Adventures In T-shirts Limited'. Caroline and Ian are now selling their creations at craft-fares and online and also taking on some bespoke commissions.