Japanese toolbox style box

Softwood storage box styled after a Japanese tool box contruction

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The style of this handy softwood storage box is inspired by a traditional Japanese tool box design. It incorporates a wedge angled in two dimensions to secure the lid and features rounded over tenons at the joins.

View the video to see the wedge mechanism in operation.

The box could be used for storing cutlery, table mats etc or pretty much anything you'd like to tidy away and keep together safely.

The wood for this particular box was reclaimed from an old pine bed frame, with every component from the sides to the, base, lid and wedges being hand milled down from the original bed frame dimension.

I really enjoyed making this and intended to adapt the design for some contrasting hardwood boxes.

Dimensions: length 30cm width 21cm height 8.5cm
Category: Woodwork | Made by: Ian