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Adventures in T-shirts - what is it?

We have skirted on the edges of our own creativity for years. I am quick to offer design help to almost everything I have been involved in, the Holmfirth WI, Huddersfield Musical Theater Company, Roller Derby teams, my kids parties. I love sewing and making things.

Ian has creativity in his blood, a life long performer in bands and more recently stretching his laughing muscles in stand up and improv. In the past two years Ian has found huge amounts of contentment in butting his creative focus into an altogether different creative direction. He has always been handy in fixing things round the house, now he is marrying that technical know how with  wood and a quest for beautiful craftsmanship and a perfect finish.

I have recently been inspired by the community online via Instagram. I love it (I've written about this in a blog about some of this). A lot of those I follow are colourful, self-motivated and inspiring in their drive to create and share their creative passion. It has given me the confidence to venture into some making of my own.

Over the next few months I am working up some designs, some are in collaboration with my two kids and some are my responses to life right now. I'm going to see how things go.

In conjunction I am also planning my own podcast called In the Stitches...more of that soon.

Why the name? Well I love a good T-shirt, I love how they are comfy and can be fitted or big and baggy, old or new, there is just something so identifiable. And I love a good adventure, this feels like an exciting one. If you are on an adventure a trusty t-shirt is like a good friend.