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Inspiration for my project

I have had ideas of creativity buzzing around in my brain for as long as I can remember. The idea that I want to make things, to share them, sell them perhaps, it is very easy to tell yourself that you are not good enough, to hold yourself up for comparison to others and see that you fall well short.

Back in 2013 I wrote a post about my entrepreneurial friends. About friends and family who were setting up businesses for themselves, taking their own road. I find it inspirational when people take that risk and put themselves out there for something they care about. Plus being your own boss must be so liberating.

So when in 2015 I ordered my first Lucky Dip Club Box, little did I know how much more I would learn about the world of resourceful women who power forward and take on their own business. Lucky Dip Club was a monthly subscription box jam packed with colourful items, jewelry, pins, stationary, stickers, journals especially commissioned. IT was a little box of joy that arrived through my letterbox once a month. Each month had a theme and introduced subscribers to new and interesting artists. I followed Lucky Dip Club on Instagram and it was here that I then started being introduced to this colourful, inspirational community of makers, that bring colour to my Instagram feed and a real sense of can-do to the world of small business.

Lucky Dip Club is run by Leona, she is amazing! She defines enterprise and optimism, and all of this is rolled up in a rainbow of colour. This subscription box appears to have been hugely successful, but in the realms of a small business and with Leona becoming a new Mum, the model just wasn't working. Leona announced to her community of subscribers that she was taking a break, that things would come back re-thought out and new. With the potential of this subscriber and artist/maker community at her fingertips, Leona took her new ideas to the group she had built and asked for their feedback and collaboration on her new venture. I am thrilled to be part of this and am included in these discussions, that I will have contributed to the shaping of the next iteration of Lucky Dip Club subscriptions.

Through Leona and the community of makers I have discovered via her boxes I am so excited about my new venture Adventures in T-shirts. I am in the process of designing a range of products, that I hope to launch before the end of the year. I feel that by following these creative women on Instagram and being engaged in the Lucky Dip Club community, I have gained confidence to go forward and try my ideas.

PS I am also having to control my buying habits...there are so many amazing makers out there!