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Pins... the next step

SO over the past few weeks I have been working up designs for two ranges of enamel pins. I love enamel pins (!) my love for them was fueled by the regular inclusion of them in Lucky Dip Club Boxes (more of Lucky Dip Club in my previous blog). There are so many great pin designers out there, just have a look on the hashtag #pingam or #strongpingame on Instagram and you will find so many great posts. It made me want to take my doodles and work them up into fab pins.

While working on the designs is fun and I have really developed my Illustrator skills. The next big thing was to find a company to actually make my pins. Of course I Googled "enamel pins" and came up with two companies. One Awesome Merch based in Leeds and the next Made by Cooper. I was excited to find that Made by Cooper is based in Huddersfield, very near where I live, so I arranged a visit.

They were really helpful and explained the process and lead time etc.

Unfortunately I just don't have the cash flow to layout right now, so I have been investigating interim solution to pin making.

Right now I am experimenting with shrinky dink pins - these are very cute, but obviously not has hard wearing. The problem I am coming up against right now is how to use a dimension finish without the ink all bleeding. I am on round three of trials. I am hoping that I can sell these to build up a cash pot and then move on to the enamel pins.

I'll keep you posted and hopefully the launch of our shop is imminent.